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Boosting the Intentionality of Meetings

Today, we’re setting sail into the vast ocean of meetings. Yes, that tempestuous sea where some ships meander aimlessly, while others chart a clear course and reach their destinations. We’re diving deep into the waters of intentionality, and I promise you won’t need a lifejacket. So, anchors aweigh! Let’s embark on this journey to make our meetings feel like a treasure hunt rather than a tour of the Bermuda Triangle.

1. Define The Purpose Before You Drop The Anchor

Before you even think about sending out that calendar invite, ask yourself, “What's the main purpose of this meeting?” Is it to brainstorm? To make decisions? To communicate updates? According to Harvard Business Review, every meeting should have a clear objective. If you can’t define one, perhaps it’s time to reconsider if that meeting is necessary at all.

2. Limit The Crew

While it's tempting to invite the entire office to your swashbuckling meeting adventure, remember: not every sailor needs to be on deck. Smaller meetings, especially those with fewer than seven participants, tend to be more productive. So, choose your crew wisely!

3. Chart Out Your Route With Agendas

Navigating without a map? That's a pirate’s nightmare! Send out an agenda in advance to guide your team through the topics at hand. Not only will it set expectations, it can also increase meeting effectiveness by staggering amounts.

4. Keep A Tight Ship With Time Constraints

Even pirates had a schedule to keep! Limit meetings to what's necessary. It's believed that our attention spans can wane after 10-18 minutes. So, hoist the sails and stay swift!

5. Actively Steer The Ship

A good captain knows when to intervene. If discussions drift off-course, gently steer them back. Tools like the "Parking Lot" method—where off-topic items are noted down for later discussion—can be invaluable.

6. Collect The Booty: Assign Action Items

What’s a treasure hunt without a chest of gold? Before concluding, summarize the decisions made and assign clear action items. This ensures everyone disembarks with a sense of purpose and clarity.

Meetings, like voyages, can be thrilling when done right. With intentionality as your compass, your team will not only feel more confident about how they’re spending their time but will also discover the treasures of productivity, clarity, and collaboration.

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