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Changing Your Meeting Culture

As you may know, changing a process is hard. Changing your meeting culture and process is even harder. You make an announcement, people adopt it for a week or two and things like setting agendas and sending action items begin to slip. There’s no magic wand to wave here, but luckily with Meeting Cost Calculator launching in a few weeks, finding who are your most influential meeting creators is easier than ever before.

Cost of Meeting by Creator Chart

By utilizing the Cost By Meeting Creator chart, you can find who are the most expensive meeting creators in one glance. These people the ones you want to focus on. They are people who are highly visible to the rest of your organization, and positive changes in their habits will be broadcasted to the rest of the team. They are most likely either leading large cross functional meetings, or leading meetings with leadership. An impact here will not only have the largest impact on the cost of your meetings, but also how all other creators lead meetings, and productivity that follows.

They are your meeting champions. Let them champion your meeting culture.

Here’s a quick guide on how to change meeting culture successfully with the champions:

  1. Talk to them about your meeting goals
  2. Work with them to create the habits and process that align to the goals
  3. Have them test and run those processes in their meetings
  4. Gather feedback and iterate if needed
  5. If good, have them use it in more meetings, until all meetings are run this way.
  6. Then announce it as a company goal, and have them find their champions to lead more meetings in the new format.

This way by the time you formerly announce it, the team has already seen it in action or is already adhering to the changes. The announcement is to get the slow adopters to make the change. Now your target is to follow up with your champions and stay diligent. You can even let one champion take the reigns to really own the process.

We hope this helps make meetings a better place for you and your team. If you want more meeting content be sure to check our blog.

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