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Tools to Use During a Meeting

It's always amazing how fast technology advances. Meeting technology is no different and using it can lead to extremely effective meetings. Here’s some of the top tools you can use during your meetings to make your lives a bit easier and more productive:

Meeting Recordings - Google, Teams, Zoom

These are mostly built into the meeting software you are already using. Recording your calls is a great way to provide asynchronous updates to team members who could not make the meeting, or for people who just need to be informed. Another benefit of recorded meetings is to recover that material at a later date. For example, if you record yourself covering the architecture of a system, you can share that recording anytime you would need to rehost that meeting.

Meeting Transcriptions - Google, Teams, Zoom, Otter, Fireflies.ai, Sonix

I won’t talk about the standard Google, Teams, Zoom, because they come with the software. Otter, Fireflies.ai, and Sonix are great ways to get extra features on top of your meeting transcriptions. Fireflies.ai even comes with a sentiment score! These are great for training meeting leaders or sales teams.

AI Meeting Assistants - tl;dv, Fireflies.ai, Sembly

AI Meeting Assistants often have some overlap with the above two areas, but they separate themselves by creating notes, scheduling, or providing summaries. The ones here generally do all of the above and more!

Some of the apps are free! Both tl;dv and Fireflies.ai offer some of the best free options. Sembly also has a free plan but it’s relatively limited.

This is just a short list of the different tools you can use, but give these a go and see how they change your meeting habits and improve your life just like Meeting Cost Calculator will.

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